By Matt Trenchard - posted on December 28, 2016

Week 4 of 4: Top 10 Questions About Becoming an NPCA Coach

We’ve arrived at our final week of the NPCA Certificate in Professional Coaching accreditation celebrations. Thanks for being with us on this journey. In the weeks gone, we’ve already looked at the Why, What and How of becoming a credentialed coach. Today we answer, “What if…?”

Over the past four weeks, Sarah & I have received emails from both aspiring coaches and from colleagues in our field. We gathered the questions they asked us about the programme and created the following top 10 which are presented to you in no particular order.



1. What makes NPCA unique? Why should I choose NPCA?


NPCA is unique in the region because of its philosophical heritage, its geographic heritage and its commitment to student development.

Firstly, in creating NPCA, Sarah and I began, not with science but with philosophy as our foundation. We saw that we had a specific understanding of how the reality is - also called our world view. We saw that our world view was different from that of other, more established, coaching schools available in Dubai and also very aligned with the majority of the people that we interacted with in the region. We designed the NPCA models with these people in mind.

The core NPCA world view can be summarised in two sentences.

a) Our thoughts and feelings are real, immaterial objects. (More than merely electricity in the brain and chemicals in the body).

b) We all share a common reality, into which we contribute. (Different from the idea that we each create our own separate reality).

I recently wrote a blog entitled, “What we stand for” which expands on our thoughts on this.

Secondly, the NPCA Certificate in Professional Coaching was imagined, crafted and founded in Dubai for the peoples of the Middle East region. What is designed for one place or people, isn't necessarily a fit for another. This was built for here.

Lastly, our commitment for student development includes not only the coach training but also the provision of the one-on-one coach-mentors that are required for you to gain your ICF ACC credential.


2. What are the dates of the upcoming programmes?


In 2017 we have four programmes in beginning January, March, May and October respectively.

The dates of these are as follows:

Cohort # Core Coaching Mid-term Deepening coaching
4 19-21 January 11 March 5-6 May
5 16-18 March 13 May 7-8 July
6 18-20 May 15 July 8-9 Sep
7 5-7 October 25 November 19-20 January 2018


3. Do I have to be present in UAE to join this programme? Can I attend virtually?


Although much of the programme is delivered virtually, the primary six days coach training are delivered face-to-face in Dubai.

These days are comprised of three core coaching skills days at the start, one mid-term day in the middle where you will deepen your level of coaching and two final empowering coaching skills days.

You will need to be present in Dubai for these.

4. How much does it cost to join an NPCA Certificate in Professional Coaching programme?


The standard price of the programme, at the time of writing, is AED19,500. This includes all training, mentoring, venues and materials over the 16 weeks.

There is a 20% discount for up-front and in-full payment.

Special Offer: Pre-accreditation price of AED12,000 held until end of 2016.

5. Are payment terms available?


These are available on request. Many of our students do choose this to help them space the payment of the programme over three months.

6. What level of time commitment will be required when I join the programme?


We’ve generally found that successful students devote 4-6 hours a week on average to the programme. These hours come from a combination of mentor sessions, virtual forums, coaching practice sessions and self-study.

7. Will I get “real world” experience as part of this programme?


This is much more than a theoretically programme.

Firstly, we encourage students to bring their real-life content into their coaching practice sessions. In this way, as a student, you get to coach and be coached throughout the full 16-week duration of the programme.

Secondly, following the mid-term day of the programme, we ask students to take on at least one pro-bono client. By offering coaching services for free, many student find that their friends and work colleagues are quite willing to help them gain that vital “real world” experience.

8. The skills you teach look great. What if I'm not seeking to work as a coach?


That’s completely okay. We have people who join our programme with no intention of becoming a credentialed coach and every intention of internalising the ideas and skills gained from the programme for the benefit of themselves and those around them.

Gaining coach skills has helped managers to lead their teams more effectively and raised the game of consultants in how they deliver their expertise to their clients. We've had the delight of receiving the feedback that this programme impacts not only students professional lives but also their personal lives. If you want to know more about this, we'd be happy to connect you with one of past students.

9. Will joining this programme lead to paid work as a coach?


Not necessarily, however as part of the programme we include content on how to position and sell yourself as a coach. Your one-to-one mentor is also a great source of wisdom for helping you to launch your coaching career.

10. Where can I find out more about the creators of this programme?

Sarah and I are quite open about our background and experience. We publish it openly on LinkedIn. Here are links to Matt’s LinkedIn profile and Sarah’s LinkedIn profile.


In closing this present tour, I speak for Sarah and myself when I say: May your pursuit of the development of yourself and of others be ever fruitful.

Strength on the journey,


Matt Trenchard

Co-Founder of North Point Academy