By Matt Trenchard - posted on June 7, 2017

Creating Coaching Cultures: Introducing Our Winner

This is the epilogue to our series on Creating Coaching Cultures. This series of articles was primarily focussed at HR and Development professionals wanting to transform the culture of their organisation and are seeing the potential of embedding coaching abilities within their organisation to achieve these goals. In the series, we heard from professionals in the region and learnt from their experience, struggles and successes.
It's been 9 weeks since we began our journey together into learning all about coaching cultures. We've heard from the leaders in our region and we've delved into ourselves and our own organisations. Sarah and I hope and trust that this series of articles has been helpful to you both personally and professionally. In parallel to these articles we ran a competition for Human Development professionals engaging in developing the cultures of their organisations. We laid out our competition rules to win a free place on our next Certificate in Professional Coaching programme starting in October 2017. As part of this process we invited a shortlist of competition entrant to write articles on LinkedIn on what a coaching cultures means to them and how gaining a coaching qualification would add to their work in building such a culture. As a result, we are now able to announce the winner of the competition as also two people of notable mention.

And the Winner is ...

For having began work within her organisation on developing a coaching culture, for engaging in the conversation on social media and for having written an inspiring article, the winner is Amanda Williams, Regional HR Manager of Rockwell Automation. The following is an excerpt from Amanda's article, "Why do I want to become a coach", that inspired us.
"Therefore I want to show up every day doing the things that great coaches do to earn the right to coach others. I want to be recognized as an authentic, competent leader who is deeply committed to the success of others. I want to form relationships in which others are inspired, challenged, appreciated and held accountable for their own performance and careers. I want to courageously dive into difficult, often emotionally-laden conversations that focus on critical topics such as aspirations, disappointments and shifting expectations. "I want to be a part of the success of tomorrow’s leaders."

Amanda Willams

Introducing Amanda

As part of winning the competition and gaining a place on the programme, Amanda will be our "Featured Student". She'll be giving us an insight into what it's like on the inside of learning to become a coach. On learning that she was the winner, Amanda told us:

"I am delighted to have been named the winner of the Creating Coaching Cultures competition and wish to thank you both for the wonderful opportunity you have provided me to start on my coaching journey!   I am really excited to join the NPCA Certificate in Professional Coaching programme in October, thank you!"

Other Notable Mentions

We also had worthy entries from Jennette Teh for her article titled, "Developing a Coaching Culture in Organizations", and from Nadia Elabed for, "Aspiring life coach reminding everyone that emotions are contagious. Are you spreading the right ones?".

Looking Ahead

Thanks once more for being on this journey with us. Although, in truth, the journey doesn't end. As coaches we're called to be students of ourselves. There's always more to be discovered. Stay with us as we delve ever further ad deeper.

Strength on your journey, Matt