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Compass, Free 5-Day Coaching Experience

Starts Monday 1st July 2024

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You’re passionate about creating real and lasting change for your clients.

But sometimes, doubts creep in. You wonder if you can truly make the impact you dream of, if you can achieve the results you and your clients desire.

Imagine leaving this experience with a renewed sense of direction, feeling excited and confident about your coaching goals and the journey you are about to undertake.

There’s no substitute for being an exceptional coach! Your success as a coach hinges on your ability to deliver real results.

Exceptional coaches attract clients, earn glowing testimonials, and see clients return because they make a genuine impact. This impact not only transforms the lives of clients but also builds a sustainable and thriving coaching practice.

Are you ready to upgrade your coaching skills, boost your confidence, and support your clients through meaningful transformations?

Imagine guiding others to achieve their deepest aspirations, unlocking potential they never knew they had, and being the catalyst for profound change.

Get excited because The Compass Free 5-Day Experience is designed to help you achieve exactly that. Whether you’re new to coaching, looking to enhance your existing coaching skills, or seeking to integrate coaching into your current role, Compass provides the foundational tools, insights, and inspiration you need.

Over five days, you’ll discover your unique coaching strengths, clarify your vision, master impactful conversations, ignite your passion for coaching, and take actionable steps towards your goals. This transformative experience is your opportunity to elevate your coaching journey and make a lasting impact on those you coach.

What's in it for you?

North Point Academy has been training and supporting coaches around the world for over a decade and has now taken our proven transformational coaching method and created this FREE 5 day experience so you can plot your journey to confidently transform lives through coaching.

This challenge is more than just a learning experience; it’s a comprehensive journey designed to equip you with the tools, confidence, and inspiration to make a real impact through coaching.

By the end of the Compass 5-Day Coaching Experience, you will walk away with a deep understanding of your unique coaching strengths and a clear vision for your coaching journey.

You’ll gain the skills to conduct impactful conversations and the confidence to inspire and guide others as well as some specific, actionable steps to continue your coaching growth, and the motivation and support from a community of like-minded individuals.

This challenge equips you with the foundational tools and insights to confidently transform lives through coaching, whether in your personal life, professional role, or as a dedicated coach.

In as little as 20 minutes a day, over 5 days, you will....

  • find your direction on your coaching journey,


  • gain the confidence and clarity to start your coaching journey to coach others powerfully and skilfully and,


  • know how to build your credibility to coach others, whether you want to be a professional coach or if you want to implement coaching in your workplace.


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During this 5-day Compass coaching experience we will:

Discover Your Unique Coaching Strengths:

Unearth the unique qualities and strengths that make you a powerful coach. Gain deep self-awareness and confidence in your coaching abilities.

Clarify Your Coaching Vision:

Define a clear vision for your coaching journey. Envision how coaching can transform your personal and professional life.

Master Powerful Conversations:

Learn and practice the art of powerful, impactful conversations that leave a lasting impression. Build confidence in your ability to guide and inspire others.

Ignite Your Coaching Inspiration:

Visualize your future as a coach. Spark the inspiration and motivation needed to pursue your coaching aspirations with renewed energy.

Take Tangible Coaching Action:

Identify and commit to specific, actionable steps that align with your coaching vision. Overcome your blocks and start making tangible progress towards becoming the coach you aspire to be.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I gain from being on the Compass coaching experience?

By the end of Compass, you’ll have a clearer understanding of your path to becoming an exceptional coach, increased confidence and clarity to improve your coaching skills, to attract and retain clients.


Is Compass suitable for experienced coaches, or is it for beginners only? 

Compass is open to aspiring coaches, new coaches, and experienced coaches seeking to further develop their skills. We welcome all levels on Compass and we have various programmes suited to where you are on your coaching journey.


Do I need prior coaching experience to join?

No prior coaching experience is required; Compass is designed to benefit both beginners and those with some coaching background. Even experienced coaches will benefit from Compass.


What if I don’t want to become a professional coach?

Coaching skills are not just for coaches! Coaching skills are valuable for leaders, managers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and other professionals. Experience these skills and develop the confidence to use them in any context.


How long does it last, and what’s the daily time commitment?

The coaching experience spans 5 days, with daily activities that typically require about 30 minutes of your time.

By signing up you do not have to be available all day for the 5 days. While we recommend you keep up with the daily tasks, as you will get the best experience of what Compass has to offer that way, we do give you opportunities for catching up.

We have daily evening live sessions for Q&A and deeper dives into the challenge, which you can watch live or catch up on replay later.


Is there a cost associated with the Compass 5-Day Experience?

No, the experience is entirely free to participate in.

We offer further coaching programmes and resources for those interested in continuing their coaching journey, there’s no obligation to pursue additional offerings.


The timings aren’t good for me; will there be another?

We plan to offer Compass again, but when we will did it is not guaranteed. If you’re interested in learning more about coaching, the time is NOW to join this challenge!


What happens if I don’t complete the 5 days?

Honestly, nothing! This is not a certification programme, you can join the whole 5 days or complete just part of it or not join at all – this is completely up to you!

But if you don’t take this opportunity and give it your all NOW, then nothing will change for you. You will stay exactly where you are. If you want to gain confidence and clarity about how coaching can help you impact others, then come along!


How do I sign up for the Compass 5-Day Coaching Experience?

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