Cornerstone 2: People

What kind of people are part of NPA and what are they like


Our learning journeys are built on years of coaching experience and leverage our proprietary coaching tools to support the development of high-quality coaches. 

We ask our students and alumni to commit to the following qualities of an NPA coach:

  • Can identify their own and others’ world views
  • Shows vulnerability and builds intimacy
  • Expresses warmth and empathy
  • Recognises their market niche
  • Distinguishes between content and process
  • Coaches, instead of being a therapist, teacher or instructor
  • Shares their own personal content appropriately
  • Is a student of themselves

Our Certificate in Professional Coaching is our flagship program and is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), meaning that our coaches are taught and assessed using the ICF core competencies. Many of our coaches continue to develop their skills as coaches beyond the course going on to gain their credentials with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Our alumni come from a diverse backgrounds and have:

  • been hired or promoted as in-house coaches and HR managers in Fortune 1000 employers
  • started or expanded their outsourced HR companies
  • become credentialed through the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • launched careers as executive, career, and life coaches 
  • joined North Point Academy as faculty and / or coaches 

Learn more about what it takes to become NPA Alumni here.


Our faculty have all been students who have graduated from our ICF-accredited Certificate in Professional Coaching (CPC) programme and have committed themselves to further development both as a coach and in terms of their own personal development.

We have developed a pathway and criteria for those who wish to deliver programmes for us. Learn more here.

This pathway starts with returning on the certification programme as support faculty. This is a voluntary role that allows participants to experience the programme again and to assist with students on the course. We also require alumni to be ICF-credentialed for certain faculty roles. 

We ask for our faculty to embody the quality of being a student of oneself as they embark on a 12-month modular Facilitator Development Programme to gain the necessary skills and transformation to be part of our NPA Faculty team.

Find out more about our FDP here.


North Point Academy was started in 2012 by two coaches, Sarah Anthony and Matt Trenchard.  Working with a diverse, inter-cultural group of corporate clients they felt the worldview their coaches training was built around rarely matched the worldview of their clients. 

After researching the market, they decided to create their own curriculum to align with the worldview of their clients, faculty and founders, which was quickly approved by the ICF. North Point has been delivering this content via ICF accredited training since 2016. 

You can meet our founders on our monthly AMA (ask me anything) session. More details here.


Our diverse staff team is a community within itself – a team of people who are dedicated to the work we do and connect and contribute to the purpose.  

All of our permanent staff are trained on the full CPC programme and our external providers attend a minimum of the first module, Embark, where students learn about the NPA coaching philosophies and foundations.

We strive to live our work as a team and to create a culture of empowerment and feedback within our workplace.

Our community

At the time of writing, we have a community over 140 Alumni who have completed our programmes with students coming from the United States, UK, UAE, and all over the Middle East.  As our first base and the place where our headquarters currently lies, we have a strong community base in Dubai, UAE.  North Point Academy was founded while both co-founders Matt and Sarah were living and working in the UAE. 

Since then Matt continues to operate in the UAE geography while Sarah leads their new location, the UK. Both, Matt and Sarah are supported by a team of coaching professionals in each location.

In addition, we have a number of strategic relationships and partnerships in some Middle Eastern countries, both from the perspective of bringing our work into different geographies but also into different spaces and sectors. 

Our Values

We have four simple guiding principles within which our values operate. More information about our guiding principles and values follows here:

Live Our Work 

  • Openness
  • Transparency

Mutual Encouragement and Feedback

  • Partnership
  • Empowerment

Building Community

  • Interdependence
  • Stewardship

Global Impact

  • Service
  • Growth