Show up as a coach with confidence and clarity to have meaningful coaching conversations that create deep and lasting shifts for others

BaseCamp Membership: Founding Member Pricing

Sign up here for Monthly for £37 per month*

Sign up here for Annual for £370 per year

(*Six months minimum commitment)

This is our very special Early Bird pricing and you are guaranteed that if you get in at this rate, the price will stay at this rate as long as you stay with us!



(End 11:59pm Sunday 21st May)

1:1 coaching session on building and realising your vision – Value £245
Training video on Setting your Rate Card – Value £49
A done-for-you Coaching Agreement- Value £49
65 Powerful Questions around thoughts, feelings, actions and impact – Value £29
Recording of a masterclass “Integrating Coaching Skills into your Professional Life” – Value £99


A LIFETIME rate of £37 per month (£370 per year) for you,

even if the price of the course goes up


  • A 1:1 Voxer Day to work on a coaching related issue with Sarah Anthony (for example, recently one of our clients asked to plan, prepare and debrief a coaching session, and another wanted to focus on launching her business)


Join our Membership, BaseCamp and we will help you to build your confidence as a coach and:


🔥 Be seen as a respected coach no matter where you apply your coaching – as an established professional coach, as a new coach who is just getting started or as a coach who operates within the workplace.

🔥 Stand out from other coaches because you get results for those you coach

🔥 Transform the passion and pride in your work as you build a career you love whether you become a full-time coach or you coach others in the workplace

🔥 Build coaching practices and disciplines that show your clients that you can help them to get unstuck

🔥 Find your tribe of like-minded people who want to support each other through your coaching journeys


In BaseCamp

you will discover your power to build your status and confidence as a coach – and have pride in the work you do!


BaseCamp Membership: Early Bird Member Pricing

Sign up here for Monthly for £37 per month*

Sign up here for Annual for £370 per year

(*Six months minimum commitment)

What is in the BaseCamp Membership?


Ever evolving coach-related training, including:

        • Your Coaching Success Launchpad (The 5 disciplines of High Performing Coaches)
        • StandOut (Integrating Coaching skills in the workplace)


Build up your coaching hours and gain coaching experience through peer practice coaching sessions

        • Hosted coaching practice pods
        • No scheduling or finding practice partners
        • Count coaching towards your credentials


Got a question about coaching or need feedback on your coaching practice or business? Then we are here to support you.

        • Weekly live calls giving you the time to ask us literally ANYTHING!


Access to us as well as to all the other aspiring and established coaches – or those who are just coaching curious – in the community! With channels for:

        • Coaching chat
        • Business chat
        • Personal and more!!


Not everyone likes Discord… so we also have a Facebook group for announcements, birthday celebrations and events throughout the year!


BaseCamp Membership: Early Bird Member Pricing

Sign up here for Monthly for £37 per month*

Sign up here for Annual for £370 per year

(*Six months minimum commitment)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will the training be delivered?

All training will be provided in self-learn online format unless otherwise advertised within the membership. This is to allow you to progress through the trainings at your own pace and repeat as many times as you would like. All live trainings will also be provided in replay format for you through your dashboard.

How do the Weekly Live Calls work?

The live trainings will take place on Zoom and will be recorded – or sometimes we will go live in the Facebook group. Links for events and recordings will be posted on Discord. You will have access to the recordings on your dashboard following the call in case you want to go back to them or in case you miss them.

Why is there a six month minimum commitment?

Easy!!! Coaching takes time and so does making a success of your coaching business so that is why we ask for a 6 month minimum commitment to make sure that people put the effort in. The good news is that whatever rate you buy at, you are guaranteed that this is a lifetime rate (unless you leave and decide to come back!)

What is Discord?

Discord is a communication channel. We use this as a space away from Facebook to have conversations.  However, if you prefer, the Facebook group is also there.

Is this training accredited?

Some of our programmes are accredited by the International Coach Federation – and others are not.  The training within this membership is not.  However, all of our trainings are based on the models and tools from our accredited programmes so you can trust that you are receiving training that is both robust and transformational.

If you wish to take our accredited coach training, you can contact us on [email protected] for more details.