Feedback in an Online World

The pace of change for business teams was already rapid before the global pandemic. Now we’re working even harder to adapt in a time of Covid-19.

No longer meeting as often face-to-face, if at all, we are missing the naturally occurring opportunities to have difficult conversations as issues come up.

Instead the difficult conversations begin to loom large and we often find ourselves dodging people, or their emails. 

As a result performance has been hit and things are beginning to get missed. Frustration between team members is increasing and we’re not working, and learning, as a team in the way we once did.

What if we could find a way to communicate positively and see team growth as a result of talking about difficult issues?

At North Point we know this problem, we experienced it ourselves in 2013 when we moved to a distributed team across multiple timezones. When we transitioned to digital tools as our primary means of communicating we lost so much of the spontaneous feedback that happens after meetings, over lunch or as we bumped into each other in the hallways.

Having identified this, we developed internal tools and techniques to get intentional, high quality feedback into our routines. We’ve seen this problem become urgent for our clients in the wake of Covid-19 and we’re pleased to present our new Giving Feedback in an Online World training programme.