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Whether you’re a coach, a leader, manager or a consultant, whether you are completely new to coaching and just getting started on this journey or you have already been using some coaching skills with others – we can help you to unlock your belief in yourself and gain your clients trust to develop coaching skills that will transform others.

Our transformational work develops the individuals, teams and organisations that we work with from the inside-out, by first building self-awareness, gaining the skills of coaching and then helping people to apply the models and tools with others.

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Learn the skills of coaching and how to get the best out of others so that you, and those you coach, have confidence in the transformation you are providing for them.

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Maximise leadership and team strategies using coaching techniques that build a culture of performance and engagement for the future of your organisation.

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Whether it's overcoming career obstacles, improving leadership, gaining intercultural agility or beyond, our coaching can help you succeed.

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About Us

North Point in the UK contributes to North Point Academy’s global purpose to “build transformational communities of people living from the inside-out” through the delivery of the North Point proprietary coaching models and tools within our coaching and leadership development programmes.

Our flagship programmes, the Certificate in Professional Coaching and the Certificate in Intercultural Coaching, designed in partnership with KnowledgeWorkx, are both accredited through the International Coach Federation (ICF).


North Point Academy UK was launched in 2019 by one of the original co-founders of North Point, Sarah Anthony. Our UK office is our second global location, with our first location in Dubai, UAE having been set up in 2012.

Certificate in Professional Coaching
Certificate in Professional Coaching
Certificate in Professional Coaching
Certificate in Professional Coaching
Certificate in Professional Coaching
Certificate in Professional Coaching
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Fantastic two days spent understanding the importance of values and beliefs, how they shape our lives and how we can elicit these values and beliefs to help understand individuals on a deeper level.
I left the two day so energised and uplifted.
Henrietta, UK
So many, including myself, have had 'aha' moments in the small group discussions. It just takes one or two good questions to unlock or unblock and gain momentum again.
Kerry, UAE
This course provides so much insight and teaches thoroughly all aspects of the foundations of coaching. Excellent delivery and trainers had a sound and solid understanding of the content to answer any question given.
Rebecca, Everyday Champions, UK
The modules and course have exceeded my expectation. In truth it was not what I had anticipated entering the course, as I had envisioned much more 'stuffy theory'. This however, was eye-opening and so very practical and well thought out.
Nariba, Barbados
I would recommend the North Point coaching course to anybody who is looking to better their communication/ negotiation/ conversational skills. Thank you again to Sarah, Matt and Travis for facilitating and being great teachers. It’s 10 across the board.
Oumar, Barclays Bank, UK
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